Wednesday, October 1

fruit flies, fiber & florals ...

fruit flies

we are under siege, it started quite harmlessly with a piece of fruit here and there, past its best. before we knew it, our little pesky friends had had a party, got a little frisky, had lots of fruity babies and now we are under daily attack. 
alas and alack, 

Mister Muchly and his trusty sidekick Twiglet Piglet are permanently entertaining them in their abode despite Our #4's best attempts at 'snozzling' them up every eve before bed. (that would be the fruit flies and not the piggies, for one should never ever vacuum a little piggie). somtimes when you are sitting ever so quietly, perhaps with peppermint tea close by and knitty goodness in hand you are lulled into thinking they have buggered off and moved to another nest. this false sense of security disappears the moment you have to get off your derriere and realize they were there all along, close by, resting a while in your 'up do'. i am beginning to feel somewhat like pigpen from peanuts. i am hoping the chilly weather will send them packing


tomorrow we set up a Tolt Yarn and Wool stall at the Nordic Knitting Conference in seattle. i am tres giddy about this. i will be helping set up and then working behind the stall on saturday. my cunning plan to be there was hatched when i asked my manager if i could work the stall, for i wished to not only visit the space which is the museum but catch glimpses of knits, nordic style. now the time is near i fear my lack of nordic knowledge may let me down and those around me. but fear not on my behalf dear reader for i have hatched another cunning plan, i will wear my icelandic cardigan i was given for my birthday, (so very kindly picked up by Our #1 on her way through iceland a few weeks back) thus blending in quite nicely i feel, whilst giving me an air of one who knows what she is about. 

i have done a test run in it for i was not sure the lopi yarn and myself would get on due to its itchy ways but i am delighted to report i lasted a whole day in it and without a rash a sight. my cardi is a children's size thus it is more fitted and the sleeves become delightful three quarter length little numbers. i am pondering a button change, i am thinking wood, i cannot think of anything else when it comes to buttons these days. wood buttons and woolly knits are a match made in warm weather wear heaven, if you ask me.


i finished up my floral ink last friday, t'was a question of shading needing to be done on one of the roses and now it is finito. 

i had been thinking for over a year or two about this ink, for it is not a thing to do on a whim. one of my biggest ponderings was considering when i was wrinkly and crinkly, then i pondered further and decided if i live to a ripe old age to witness my bod and my tattoo looking all wrinkly and crinkly then quite honestly, i will count myself to be most fortunate.

Friday, September 26

i, Tif, do solemnly swear ...

hello hello, its official, i have become allergic to my inbox and colin the computer. just the thought of being online has me breaking out in a rash and a cold sweat. i am wondering with breathing exercises and the right medication if i will ever get my allergy under control. 

since i last tippity tapped, i have become a whole year wiser. i told myself all the right things one tells oneself when one is very grown up, but still i could not help but be gripped by an inner panic it is all going way too fast for my liking.

i have been knitting my february lady sweater and working at Tolt yarn shop and also working on their autumn window display.

i have done all this with a terrible case of 'avoidance' which has now left me down to the wire with my very nitty gritty important deadlines. i am quite cross with myself, i have asked myself why time and again i do such a thing to the point where i lie awake at night fretting. i need to get a grip.

my february lady sweater does not look like the thousands of other lady sweaters on ravelry and i have discovered why. apparently i do not 'yarn over' like others yarn over and thus, no holey lace pattern is appearing.

Veronika suggested i could rip it back and start again, i laughed and laughed at such a silly notion having calculated just the few repeat pattern rows achieved had taken the best part of twenty hours. therefore i have declared my lady sweater most suited to chilly days for there are no pesky holes to let in cold air. i would like to put all this on my ravelry page but so far have been unable, due to my aforementioned allergies 

Our #1 is visiting till monday, she has been here since the 15th and it has been rather jolly to have her around.

she has done a very sensible job of drawing up a calendar and filling it in with all my 'must dos' so i can see what i have to do each day to reach my looming deadlines. even she remarked i needed a small miracle. thus i started praying 4 days ago

this afternoon i am having my tattoo finished off.

Wayne (my trusty tattoo buddy) says it will only take an hour, i am thankful for this as the last time it took four and a half and at least a week for my arm to forgive me. did you know there are 'collectors of tattoos' out there? i did not know this term existed till a few weeks back. having six now i am wondering if i am part of the pack or if true collectors of tattoos would take one glance at my 5 'nineties' ink and laugh out loud. 

i am moving colin the computer. i have come to the conclusion living in the 'manly quarters' of our mossy shed is draining him and me of any creativity. we are surrounded by posters of Star Wars, Halo, World of Warcraft, Borderlands and many other things i have no idea what, where or who they are, which loom down upon us. we have both come to the conclusion that it is near on impossible for us to find our creative grove when not a floral is in sight. i am hopeful this move will happen pronto and then perhaps my allergic symptoms will lessen

i found a coat in the thrift store last week, so perfectly perfect in its tweedy goodness i am crocheting a scarf to make it feel welcome.

however i should not be crocheting, nor knitting, nor staring at posters of strange worlds, i should be frock pattern and sample making, yes, Miss Ethel is rusty and dusty, yes, my frock making knee socks have turned into ankle socks and yes, i have no one to blame but myself and Mr Procrastinator.

i, Tif, do solemnly swear
i will stop wandering around in despair,
claiming i have mislaid my time
and my frazzled mind.
i will pull up my crafty knee socks,
whilst jolly well getting on with making some frocks.
i do pinky promise with fingers crossed
and my mind no longer lost
from this day forth for the next four weeks or more
i will live by my newly made up law.
"inbox, blog, make
only then can you take a break"

Thursday, September 11

this & that, that & this ... and a this

hello hello,

recently i have noted a number of baskets are finding me. i am not looking for baskets and yet there they are, popping up in front of my thrift store path. yesterday Our #4 asked if i would like to go to the thrift store with him. i could not help but smile at the reversal of roles. i agreed if only he drove, he muttered and mumbled and then got his permit. i have never known such a reluctant driver. well i have, but it was many many moons ago and it was me. 
and so this little basket found me. i liked her very muchly, 

i am pondering my next move. 
for i am thinking bling and i am thinking selling 

Our #4 officially became an Eagle Scout last night, this is tres nothing short of a miracle. according to him, only 4% of scouts become Eagles and it is the tippity top recognition. i could not help but feel proud, thus i felt it worthy of a proud mother moment, to mention it

i have cast on a cardi. yes sirree! i am taking my phobia of sleeves and laughing in the face of it. i have a feeling i could have made knitty life a lot easier upon myself if i had found a pattern in my size, but alas the one i fell for was, and i quote, for 'grown-ass women'. alas and alack, i am lacking such a thing so with the help of my lovely yarny buddy Veronika, we plotted and we planned. 

i am now launching into the lace knit bit. i must confess i have launched into it several times only to rip it back again and again. does not matter how much i keep my beady eye on things, after a row or two a pesky 'yarn over' plays hooky and my stitch count goes awry. as of yet i have not thrown in the towel, for now i will continue upon my lace knit cardi ways for i am determined this vomity mustard gold colored cardi and i will be the besty best of friends in the end, that is if i have not been carted off to the funny farm...

i have been busy pondering fabrics for the sample frocks i need to stitch for my frock pattern. it is quite one thing to see a fabric in passing, have it talk to you and rustle up a frock. quite the other thing when you must find a fabric, or two or three, which talk to you and will rustle up nicely into 3 frocks of differing looks. it is also quite one thing to zippity zap merrily along with no care of when it gets finished and quite another to zippity zap along with a deadline and knowing another is waiting upon you.

and a this:
i have cut down my several years old sanita fleecy clog boots. 

it was in a moment of madness when i wondered as one does when one is procrastinating and avoiding other things, "i wonder what they would be like if i removed their boot bit and made them into little fleecy clog booties". 

i am most happy that i did, 

for they are like little clippity cloppy moccasins. and i do so very muchly like how they remind me of those fleecy suede little winter booties you see grannies wearing when chilly days come to play. actually i think they wear them all year round as they tend to feel the cold in their toes and fingers despite warm weather.